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bias tugel beach east bali

5 Recommended Beaches in Karangasem for Refreshing

Karangasem is one of the regencies in Bali that is famous for its beach tourism. Not infrequently, many tourists spend their vacation time on this Karangasem Beach. Here are some beaches in Karangasem that you can visit.

Already curious about the beach in Karangasem? Just look at the following series.

1. Tulamben Beach

tulamben beach karangasem bali

Tulamben Beach is a mainstay beach tour that you should not ignore. Tulamben Beach offers a beach with a coast that has many small rocks. So, your feet will not get dirty with sand when on the edge.

2. Bias Tugel Beach

bias tugel beach east bali
Photo/Jaeyoung Song

Although Bias Tugel Beach is a famous beach, its location is hidden. However, this does not discourage visitors from visiting; instead, this becomes its own attraction because of its location in the Coral Hill area.

3. Virgin Beach

virgin beach karangasem
Photo/Santy Graham

This Virgin Beach does not have white sand but has a mixture of half yellow and half black sand. It’s just that many visitors mention that this beach has soft white sand.

4. Amed Beach

amed beach east bali

Amed Beach is a beach that has a different character compared to other beaches, namely that the coastline is wider and more moral. The sand is also not white, but has exotic black sand.

5. Padangbai Beach

padangbai beach karangasem bali
Photo/Dispar Karangasem

This beach is no less beautiful than other beaches in this district. Padangbai Beach has a clean sea and white sand that stretches wide. Coral rocks also beautify this beach and make the water calm.

Well, that was a row of beaches in Karangasem that can be visited. Interested in visiting it?